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Upcoming Events

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It is our mission to make music...fun.



This is an ongoing fundraiser.  We have Casey's Pizza and Doughnut Cards for sale. 

Pizza cards are sold for $15.00.  They have 10 punches on them, can be used at any Casey's, never expire.  The card give a FREE medium pizza with the purchase of a large pizza.  When the cards is completely used the purchaser has earned a FREE large pizza by redeeming the strips on the box.



Milk Moola is an ongoing fundraiser that we participate in.

Save Strips from bags of milk, caps, doughnut ovals and I belive now ice cream upc's are available.

Strips, caps and Ice Cream UPC's are worth .05 and doughnut ovals are worth .10.

When you have 50 or more they can be turned in to Janice Upah or taken to the Music Director.

Have You Sold Any Kwik Star Cards?


We have Kwik Star Cards for sale!  The Cards are available all the time.  This isn't a fundraiser that we do for a couple weeks and it's gone, WE ALWAYS HAVE THEM!

The cards are in denominations of $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $25.00, $50.00 or $100.00.  You sell the cards for the face value and the Music Boosters will credit your account 9% of the face value.

Help, I have an account but can't log in!

Don't panic.  The e-mail address that you registered here is your key to the system.  Visit the site as a "guest" and look for the "Request new password" link at the bottom of the area where you would normally log in.  Click that link and you'll see a screen asking you to input your username or e-mail address.  I suggest inputting your e-mail address, just in case you may have forgotten your username. 

Scholarships Available!

Attention Seniors (and future Seniors)!  Check the attached files for information regarding college scholarships offered by the STC Music Boosters.